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Why The IBEW

The IBEW represents a wide variety of workers across every sector of our economy.  Between our Inside, Outside and Professional & Industrial Divisions, we have nearly 750,000 members from electricians, power plant workers, utility workers, to workers in manufacturing, telecommunications, government, railroad, even college professors, state attorney generals from across the United States just to name a few.

We have been very successful in representing workers for three of the recent Presidential Campaigns.  We successfully organized and represented workers from the Warren for President, Pete For America (Buttigieg), and Tom Steyer 2020 campaigns.  Now, with approximately 1,700 of these workers heading back home, a large majority of them are seeking additional opportunities to work on campaigns nationwide and we’ve been very busy assisting with their efforts.

IBEW Union Authorization Card

Fill out the IBEW Authorization Card below. A copy of the IBEW form will be sent to IBEW and to you as well.

All information is strictly confidential and never shared with the employer!

What is an authorization card?
A union authorization card is signed by an employee to indicate their desire to be represented by a union. The language on the card is specifically worded to comply with the National Labor Relations Act, the federal law that protects a worker’s right to unionize.

If I sign a card, what rights am I granting the union?
The card references Section 9(a) of the National Labor Relations Act, and authorizes the union to, in part, “…be the exclusive representatives of all the employees…for the purposes of collective bargaining in respect to rates of pay, wages, hours of employment, or other conditions of employment."

Why is the IBEW asking me to sign a card?
The IBEW’s founding principle was to organize and improve the working conditions of all employees. The IBEW remains committed to improving your wages and working conditions for all workers.

What happens when I sign a card?
If there is sufficient interest in IBEW representation, we will file a petition and the NLRB will begin working on an election agreement. Once an agreement is finalized an election will be scheduled and you will get to choose your representative.

Who will conduct the election? Will anyone know how I voted?
An agent of the NLRB will conduct a secret ballot election following strict guidelines designed to ensure fairness, access, and protection. The agent will supply and erect a private booth and every eligible member will be given the opportunity to check the box that contains their choice. 

You and The Union

Unions protect your rights.

Authorization Card

What's is an authorization card?

Know The Truth

Your Right To Organize Your Workplace!

35 Things Employers

35 Things Employers Can't Do?

One United Voice

Join us and enjoy higher pay, better job security, and a career you can depend on.  Being an IBEW member, you will be able to provide for yourself and your family, build a career to last, and do work of which you can be proud.

In closing the IBEW truly is the right choice for you and your families and we would love to be your voice and give you the representation you deserve while working for Everytown.



“Representing workers across America gain higher compensation, better health insurance and stronger work policies."

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